Why October is the Best Time to Buy Solar

Traditionally, most people think about installing a solar panels in the summer after opening up that first electric bill when the air conditioner has been running nonstop. And while this reaction leads many people to purchase solar, the best time to buy solar for your home may be in the late fall.

Consider this:

  • Your solar installation is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. If you have your system installed before the end of the year, then you can claim that credit almost immediately if you file your tax return early in the new year.
  • The winter is generally a slower time for the solar industry and installation is usually completed quicker than in the summer.
  • Most importantly, with your system already installed heading into the new year, you will be harvesting all that spring and summer sun, and you will no longer have that electric bill sticker shock in the hotter months.

The Best Time to Buy Solar is Now!
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