Project Sunroof

In an attempt to map the world’s solar potential, one roof at a time, Google has launched Project Sunroof: This new online service quickly tallies up considerations of going solar and whether homeowners should consider buying or leasing photovoltaic panels. Google’s Project Sunroof combines the eye-in-the-sky images behind Google Earth with calculations on how much shade trees cast over a rooftop, data on local weather patterns, industry pricing, and available subsidies to arrive at its bottom line.

project sunroof

Homeowners can enter their address and discover if their rooftop is viable for a solar PV system, and how much they could potentially save by going solar. This tool, however, has not made its way to Texas homeowners.

So what can Texans do in the meantime?

Contact NATiVE, your local Texas renewable energy experts, for a free consultation. At no cost, you will receive a detailed quote with:

  • a bird’s eye view of your rooftop showing what your system will look like and how much solar you can have to offset your energy consumption
  • local incentive programs and benefits offered by utilities and electric cooperatives
  • multiple system options and their installed costs
  • financing options
  • what your return on investment will be
  • and much more

Build Smart. Build NATiVE.

Get a free quote and start saving money!