February 21, 2013

Media Contacts:
Cyrus Reed, Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter
Lloyd Lee, Native


Sierra Club Partners with Native to Help Families Go Solar

Partnership Helps Homeowners Save Money, Reduce Pollution, and Support the Sierra Club


AUSTIN — The Sierra Club, the nation’s largest grassroots environmental organization, today announced that partnering new partnership with Native, Inc., one of Texas’ leading residential solar and green construction providers, to help families go solar easily and affordably. The partnership will help consumers save money on electricity bills, reduce pollution, and support the Sierra Club’s overall mission to explore, enjoy and protect the planet. Through the new venture, Native is offering Sierra Club members special savings.

With many Americans still struggling in today’s tough economy, it has become harder for consumers to prioritize efforts like reducing pollution by going solar or increasing the efficiency of their home, and supporting their favorite non-profits, while trying to save money. Through the Solar Homes partnership, Sierra Club and Native allow supporters to accomplish all three by adding solar panels, high efficiency windows, or even rainwater capture systems to their homes.

Adding solar or other energy and water conservation technologies to a home can help consumers save money on their utility bills while supporting local jobs. Rooftop solar also helps people protect the planet by reducing pollution: every kilowatt hour of solar generated replaces electricity that might come from dirty fossil fuels like coal.

“We are partnering with Native because we see this an a very important part of how we support the development and deployment of clean energy and helps move Texas beyond coal,” said Cyrus Reed, Conservation Director of the Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter. “With this program, we can help members reduce their own carbon footprints and save money on their energy and water bills.”

“We are excited to offer discounted energy efficiency upgrades and solar integrations to Sierra Club’s Texas members,” said Lloyd Lee, President of Native. “We feel that collaborations with like-minded groups like the Sierra Club make perfect sense for us to help each other attain our mutual goal of reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources.”

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About Native

Native is a leader in comprehensive sustainable construction and renewable energy system design and integration in Texas. Native’s goal is to help build a more sustainable community, one project at a time, through a variety of techniques specific to each project. Native’s expertise in green construction, energy efficiency, water conservation, rainwater harvesting, and geothermal and solar system integrations enables a holistic approach toward reducing its customers’ dependence on the state’s grid and water supply infastructure. Learn more about Native at: